Our continued investment in the latest technologies and our infrastructure as a whole, supported by the expertise of our people, gives us exceptional capabilities and scope to precisely meet our customers’ varied demands.

We have in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capability as well as resources for testing and analysis.

COBA Plastics has the capability to design and manufacture 100% of all tooling required for our manufacturing processes.

Processes range from single material polymer extrusion to multiple material triple extrusions with wire inclusion, flock coating, slip coating, surface preparation as well as a wide range of ‘value added’ options including punching, marking, coding and taping. Laser measurement systems are also used both in-line and off-line for precise and rapid cutting.

We have both injection moulding and over moulding equipment for both standard and complex components and finished assemblies.

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Project Management

A team behind you.

Our experienced project management team works with you from the outset. You are assigned an Account Manager with whom you can discuss all your technical issues. Your project management team provides support throughout every phase from the design and development stages, to assembly and manufacture.

The team uses the latest software tools and works closely with raw material suppliers. We have a highly skilled engineering team and specialist in-house toolmakers for extrusion, punching and machine building.

We understand the demands of the industry and the need for reliable delivery of effective solutions that meet all your criteria.


Homemade is best.

COBA Plastics has the in-house capability to design and manufacture 100% of all tooling required for each of our manufacturing processes. Our tooling capability is therefore extensive and extremely beneficial to our customers’ development needs. Tools include extrusion die, calibration tooling, dry vacuum calibration, process specific hybrid tooling, in-line press tooling for pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical press systems, in-line surface treatment and tape application tooling, complex 2-D and 3-D gauging, vacuum fixtures and over-mould tooling.


COBA Precision Engineering offers you the ideal solution for specialist prototyping and short run precision engineering projects. From our state-of-the-art facility in Leicestershire, we can deliver a bespoke engineering service that’s specifically tailored to your requirements. When you need fast turnarounds, absolute reliability and a consistently excellent level of service and production, COBA Precision is there for you.



Our extrusion processes range from single material polymer extrusion, to multiple material ‘triple’ extrusion with wire inclusion, flock tapes, slip coating and surface preparation. COBA Plastics has some highly technical production lines and through expansion throughout the group, we continue to increase our capacity.

We also offer a wide range of ‘value adding’ downstream processes. These include punching, marking, coding and taping. Material options are vast. In excess of 30 different polymer types and grades are processed from co-polymer polypropylenes, PE, PVC, SEBS, TPE, TPV, ABS.


COBA Plastics Moulding have versatile moulding capabilities and this is proving invaluable in the development of technical components for our automotive customers.

Over moulding process combines extruded profiles and moulding to form a finished part. It’s a two-step process. The over moulding process uses a pre-formed extruded plastic part placed into an over moulding tool. The second material is then injected into the tool mechanically bonding to the extrusion to form a single piece component. Over moulding is a good choice for complex part shapes and for reducing the number of components required in assembly. Our machines range up to a maximum 420T and the service is supported by our experienced tool design and project management team. Two colour moulding and ultrasonic welding are also available from our site in Leicester. We offer guaranteed tooling life on all tools placed with us.

Laser and punching

Precision underpins everything we do at COBA Plastics. As such we have the ability to laser profiles and non-wovens as part of the in-line extrusion process, as well as having off-line profile laser systems.

We use high power CO2 lasers with 2 and 3 axis galvo scanning heads, with power ranges from 100W to >600W. This technology gives us exceptional precision and fast cutting processes without the need for physical cutting tools.

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