More than just Quality.

COBA understands the key objectives in providing a total quality service to our Customers. We grow with our Customers and we accept the ongoing challenges of the various markets into which we supply. Quality at attractive prices is pivotal to the success of our Customers in a competitive market, thus quality is a central guideline for our customer orientation. Our philosophy is to align all activities with our Customers and their requirements. Close contact with the Customer has a decisive influence in the development of a convincing product that corresponds to functional requirements, while at the same time remains within the cost target. Quality at COBA is substantially more than just faultless product. Quality means that processes run efficiently and smoothly throughout all areas of our business.


  • COBA understands our obligations under REACH
  • COBA has identified a senior manager responsible for REACH
  • The single point of contact to customers is via REACH@cobaplastics.com
  • COBA has established a formal company structure for managing REACH
  • COBA has established an inventory for substances, preparations and articles used in our business
  • COBA will notify our customer(s) of product(s) supplied for which there are substances that are not intended to be pre-registered
  • COBA intends that all substances in the products we supply to you, which require registration, will be pre-registered by us or an actor further up our supply chain
  • From 30 November 2008, COBA has been sending customers a list of all “products” that contain substances likely to be included in the candidate list (Article 57)

Quality Certificates


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