Vision Statement

COBA International Limited is a privately funded group of manufacturing and distribution businesses. Our key activities are invested in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic products.

COBA’s unique vision is to be a growing and caring organisation striving to achieve better results, year on year. We will achieve this by blending investment programs in all business activities, using modern equipment and systems with dedicated and highly competent people in all areas.

Our vision is to be universally recognised as the market leader in the management of and execution of all our activities by using:-

  • Our unique balance of commercial and technical expertise
  • Our proven track record of excellent quality and service, and
  • Our innovative delivery of value enhancing solutions to meet all our customers needs.

By working in partnership with our employees, customers and suppliers, we will strive towards achieving world class leadership in Quality, Engineering, Design, Delivery, Service and Management of all products, coupled with the lowest cost achievable through never ending development and continuous improvement (involving everyone, wherever possible, in the company will endeavour to work towards this aim). To achieve this, we will ensure that activities will be conducted safely and do everything we can to ensure the continued health of our employees and customers. We will act responsibly in relation to the environment and will work towards the principles of sustainability.

Mission Statement

“Our key mission is to offer premium extruded and moulded products,
with complete engineered process solutions.”

Environmental Policy


  • COBA will integrate health, safety and environmental factors into our day-to-day and strategic business decisions.
  • The company will comply with all relevant legislation and will commit to continual improvement activities in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.
  • COBA will involve management, stakeholders and will take account of the views of the public (where appropriate), in the identification of potential environmental impacts of our processes.
  • COBA will manage its resources to save energy, reduce waste, promote recycling and prevent pollution to the environment.

Quality Policy


  • To provide high quality products and services on time and in accordance with individual customer specification and contractual requirements.
  • To empower all staff to understand the key characteristics of each and every new product before serial production commences.
  • To continually review the effectiveness of the quality management systems, to enhance and improve both business reputation and internal performances.
  • To significantly improve performance levels in Internal and External RPPM.

Health & Safety Policy

The COBA International group of companies has a strong regard for ensuring that all elements of work activities take place in a safe and secure manner. Our activities will be designed and managed to ensure prevention of injury and ill health. We also believe in a communicating a positive message regarding all elements of health and general wellbeing.
We will provide our policy to any interested parties as required.

As such we will strive to build in as many health, safety and environmental factors to our day to day business, and at the same time ensure that we comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

We will provide safe and modern equipment for all work activities and will provide relevant training for all of our employees in order that they meet their obligations to work in a safe and structured manner.

Our processes, equipment and integrated management systems will fall under a framework of review and objectives leading to continuous improvement.
Regular routine audits will be carried out to ensure ongoing compliance to the Health and Safety Management Guidelines (HSG65) and OHSAS 18001, with an organisational aspiration to ISO 45001 certification on its release.

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South Africa
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